Ursidae - Fauna Philharmonic - Indie Shuffle

Sounds like: Four Tet, Gold Panda 

Tags: Minimal Electronica, Four Tet, Caribou 

Why do we like this? 

It's always risky business publishing a nearly-9-minute-long track on Indie Shuffle, but I'm going to go ahead and take that risk. 

Why? Because Josh Ingram - the man behind Ursidae - has managed to take me on a wonderful journey with "Fauna Philharmonic," and I don't want you to feel left out. 

The song comes off an upcoming EP titled Amethyst Dream. To use Josh's words, it captures a "blend of world music and tribal-infused deep house, heavily influenced by organic textures and melodic synths." 

Yum yum. 

- Jason Grishkoff


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