Ursidae - Come Here Floyd

URSIDAE is the project of Josh Ingram. Techno, world, house, all culminate in a magical soup of sounds that Josh nurtures and expedites. The experimental sounds are explored, prodded, questioned, and supported, as the classically trained pianist, keeps to his…

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Ursidae - Fauna Philharmonic - Indie Shuffle

Sounds like: Four Tet, Gold Panda 

Tags: Minimal Electronica, Four Tet, Caribou 

Why do we like this? 

It's always risky business publishing a nearly-9-minute-long track on Indie Shuffle, but I'm going to go ahead and take that risk. 

Why? Because…

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Ursidae - Fauna Philharmonic - Rural Sounds

There’s a captivating flow happening in Ursidae’s latest song, “Fauna Philharmonic.” The Washington D.C., based producer Ursidae (Josh Ingram) has created an engaging atmosphere filled with lush textures and rhythmic beats. 

The song highlight’s Ursidae’s ability to create an energy…

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Ursidae — Noctua [Deep House, Tribal] - MishkaDj

American musician Josh Ingram over the years spent in studios and nightclubs has developed his own unique sound at the junction of house, techno and diverse world music. Actually, his father instilled a love for ethnic music - a professor…

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SINGLES CRUISE 05.03.19 - Tome to the Weather Machine

Weaving deep forest sounds into Ursidae’s polyrhythmic explorations, “Noctua” builds and contracts along those lines. Folding in acoustic percussive lines and forest field recordings, the track expands until it reaches a near hypnotic melding of natural and digital. While quite…

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