Ursidae - Come Here Floyd 

URSIDAE is the project of Josh Ingram. Techno, world, house, all culminate in a magical soup of sounds that Josh nurtures and expedites. The experimental sounds are explored, prodded, questioned, and supported, as the classically trained pianist, keeps to his own tunes and musical mannerisms. ‘Noctua’ is a single off of his upcoming Ep ‘Amethyst Dream’. Fantasy can be a part of your reality. URSIDAE wants to remind you of that.

- CHF Staff

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Ursidae - Fauna Philharmonic - Indie Shuffle 

Sounds like: Four Tet, Gold Panda 

Tags: Minimal Electronica, Four Tet, Caribou 

Why do we like this? 

It's always risky business publishing a nearly-9-minute-long track on Indie Shuffle, but I'm going to go ahead and take that risk. 

Why? Because Josh Ingram - the man behind Ursidae - has managed to take me on a wonderful journey with "Fauna Philharmonic," and I don't want you to feel left out. 

The song comes off an upcoming EP titled Amethyst Dream. To use Josh's words, it captures a "blend of world music and tribal-infused deep house, heavily influenced by organic textures and melodic synths." 

Yum yum. 

- Jason Grishkoff


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Ursidae - Fauna Philharmonic - Rural Sounds  

There’s a captivating flow happening in Ursidae’s latest song, “Fauna Philharmonic.” The Washington D.C., based producer Ursidae (Josh Ingram) has created an engaging atmosphere filled with lush textures and rhythmic beats. 

The song highlight’s Ursidae’s ability to create an energy and flow that is instantly hypnotic, but one that also pairs amazingly well with intimate melodies. The first half of the song has a bright, eye opening feeling but halfway through we’re greeted with a calmer side of the song, where a lovely piano melody slow moves through. 

“The core purpose of Ursidae is to inspire love and introspection in the often fast-paced and individualistic music scene through layers of hypnotically energizing tones and rhythms.”

- Admin

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Organic downtempo with Ursidae and Sound Quelle - Acid Ted Blog 

Traveling always takes it out of me. So, this morning I’m in the mood for something that chills and soothes, rather than stirs. And Ursidae and Sound Quelle fit that bill perfectly with their organic tendencies and world encompassing approach. 

Ursidae offers the birdsong and world music approaches of Fauna Philharmonic, taken from the Amethyst Dream EP. A totally relaxing track. 

Ursidae is Josh Ingram from the USA, who mixes of house, techno and world music. 

On Fauna Philharmonic birds do whoops and trills in the forest. Flutes play unobtrusively and pitter patter tin can deep house beats fill the space. An absolute dream of a track in the way that it manages the organic and electronic in such a way as to have a balance between relaxation and uplifting melodies. A delight.

- Acid Ted 

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Ursidae — Noctua [Deep House, Tribal] - MishkaDj 

American musician Josh Ingram over the years spent in studios and nightclubs has developed his own unique sound at the junction of house, techno and diverse world music. Actually, his father instilled a love for ethnic music - a professor in the field of musical theory and his son Ursidae met his expectations with his project. 

Ursidae made his debut as part of the Beauty in the Backyard festival, where he was able to surprise those present with an excellent DJ set: Ursidae - Beauty in the Backyard (Full Set)

... and this week his new single "Noctua" appeared on the network, developing the ideas of combining traditional music and dance electronics. 

I love these things and will hope that the project will regularly delight you with good music. Yes, and that there is far to go - I always liked bears and calmly walk past the release with such a chic cover, I certainly cannot.

- Mishka (Translated from Russian)

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SINGLES CRUISE 05.03.19 - Tome to the Weather Machine 

Weaving deep forest sounds into Ursidae’s polyrhythmic explorations, “Noctua” builds and contracts along those lines. Folding in acoustic percussive lines and forest field recordings, the track expands until it reaches a near hypnotic melding of natural and digital. While quite possibly best consumed during a deep forest rave, “Noctua” is perfect for a five minute headphone trip.

- Admin

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