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Traveling always takes it out of me. So, this morning I’m in the mood for something that chills and soothes, rather than stirs. And Ursidae and Sound Quelle fit that bill perfectly with their organic tendencies and world encompassing approach. 

Ursidae offers the birdsong and world music approaches of Fauna Philharmonic, taken from the Amethyst Dream EP. A totally relaxing track. 

Ursidae is Josh Ingram from the USA, who mixes of house, techno and world music. 

On Fauna Philharmonic birds do whoops and trills in the forest. Flutes play unobtrusively and pitter patter tin can deep house beats fill the space. An absolute dream of a track in the way that it manages the organic and electronic in such a way as to have a balance between relaxation and uplifting melodies. A delight.

- Acid Ted 

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