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American musician Josh Ingram over the years spent in studios and nightclubs has developed his own unique sound at the junction of house, techno and diverse world music. Actually, his father instilled a love for ethnic music - a professor in the field of musical theory and his son Ursidae met his expectations with his project. 

Ursidae made his debut as part of the Beauty in the Backyard festival, where he was able to surprise those present with an excellent DJ set: Ursidae - Beauty in the Backyard (Full Set)

... and this week his new single "Noctua" appeared on the network, developing the ideas of combining traditional music and dance electronics. 

I love these things and will hope that the project will regularly delight you with good music. Yes, and that there is far to go - I always liked bears and calmly walk past the release with such a chic cover, I certainly cannot.

- Mishka (Translated from Russian)

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